Reference: 156.40PL.1366X768

Brand: OEM

ECRÃ LCD - 15.6" (1366x768) B156XTN02.0, B156XTN02.1, B156XTN02.2, BT156GW01 V.2, BT156GW01 V.4, LP156WH2, LP156WH4, LTN156AT02

Condition: New Size: 15.6” Resolution: HD (1366 X 768) Video Connector: 40 Pins Lighting/backlight technology: Led Connector position: Lower left Screen finish: Glossy Connector size: 2,5 cm

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Reference: 156.30PLS.1920X1080.350.SB

Brand: OEM

ECRÃ LCD 15.6" LED SLIM 350MM - B156HAN02.0, NV156FHM-N35, NV156FHM-N3D, N156BGA-EA3, N156HCE-EG1, N156HCE-EN1, LP156WF9


Price €98.00
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Reference: 156.30PLS.1366X768

Brand: OEM

ECRÃ LCD 15.6" LED SLIM (C/BRACKETS) - B156HTN03.6, B156HTN03.7, B156XTN02.5, NT156WHM-N12, NT156WHM-N12 V5.0, N156BGA-EA2

Condition: New Size: 15.6” Slim Resolution: HD (1366 X 768) Video Connector: 30 Pins Lighting/backlight technology: Led Connector position: Lower right Screen finish: Matte Connector size: 2 cm

Price €85.00
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  • TECLADO TOSHIBA SATELLITE C650, C650D, C655, C655D, C660, C660D, C670, L650, L650D, L655, L670, L675, L750, L755 - 1
  • TECLADO TOSHIBA SATELLITE C650, C650D, C655, C655D, C660, C660D, C670, L650, L650D, L655, L670, L675, L750, L755 - 2

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TOSHIBA SATELLITE C670 SERIES: C670, C670-105, C670-10G, C670-10P, C670-113, C670-115, C670-11M, C670-11N, C670-11Q, C670-11W, C670-12E, C670-12N, C670-12U, C670-12X, C670-131, C670-133, C670-134, C670-13Q, C670-13Z, C670-14N, C670-14P, C670-14W, C670-150, C670-152, C670-15F, C670-15W, C670-162, C670-165, C670-169, C670-16F, C670-16R, C670-16T, C670-178, C670-17G, C670-17L, C670-17Q, C670-186, C670-189, C670-18C, C670-18H, C670-18J, C670-199, C670-19E, C670-1C8, C670-1CK, C670-1CV, C670-1D3, C670-1D5, C670-1D9, C670-1DC, C670-1DF

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TOSHIBA SATELLITE L650D SERIES: L650D, L650D-101, L650D-102, L650D-10H, L650D-10J, L650D-111, L650D-11G, L650D-11N, L650D-11R, L650D-123, L650D-13U, L650D-14G, L650D-14L, L650D-14M, L650D-14R, L650D-15F, L650D-15G, L650D-15K, L650D-173, L650D-178

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TOSHIBA SATELLITE L655D SERIES: L655D, L655D-12K, L655D-12L, L655D-12U, L655D-133, L655D-134, L655D-13L, L655D-13M, L655D-13Q, L655D-13X, L655D-144, L655D-14H



TOSHIBA SATELLITE L670 SERIES: L670, L670-102, L670-105, L670-10N, L670-10P, L670-10Q, L670-10R, L670-117, L670-11L, L670-11R, L670-12J, L670-134, L670-16E, L670-17H, L670-17K, L670-17X, L670-19E, L670-1DG, L670-1DL, L670-1DN, L670-1DR, L670-1EE, L670-1F5, L670-1FT, L670-1GF, L670-1GX, L670-1H1, L670-1H2, L670-1H9, L670-1HD, L670-1HJ, L670-1HK, L670-1HZ, L670-1J0, L670-1J4, L670-1J8, L670-1JD, L670-1JQ, L670-1KN, L670-1KU, L670-1LF, L670-1LH, L670-1LJ, L670-1LN

TOSHIBA SATELLITE L670D SERIES: L670D, L670D-102, L670D-103, L670D-105, L670D-106, L670D-10N, L670D-11Q, L670D-11T, L670D-120, L670D-13D, L670D-13E, L670D-13F, L670D-13H, L670D-146, L670D-14E, L670D-14K, L670D-14L, L670D-14W, L670D-15G, L670D-15H, L670D-15K, L670D-15Q, L670D-15U

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TOSHIBA SATELLITE L750 SERIES: L750, L750-102, L750-104, L750-10M, L750-10N, L750-10X, L750-115, L750-118, L750-11C, L750-11K, L750-11V, L750-11W, L750-121, L750-124, L750-125, L750-129, L750-12C, L750-12G, L750-12P, L750-12Q, L750-12R, L750-12U, L750-12W, L750-12Z, L750-132, L750-134, L750-136, L750-137, L750-13K, L750-144, L750-148, L750-14H, L750-16J, L750-16K, L750-16L, L750-16U, L750-16X, L750-16Z, L750-170, L750-171, L750-17D, L750-17L, L750-17M, L750-17N, L750-17P, L750-17Q, L750-17R, L750-17U, L750-18R, L750-1DD, L750-1DE, L750-1DF, L750-1DH, L750-1DJ, L750-1DK, L750-1DL, L750-1DM, L750-1DN, L750-1DQ, L750-1DR, L750-1DU, L750-1DV, L750-1DW, L750-1DX, L750-1DZ, L750-1E0, L750-1E1, L750-1E2, L750-1E3, L750-1E4, L750-1E5, L750-1E8, L750-1E9, L750-1EK, L750-1EU, L750-1EV, L750-1EW, L750-1GN, L750-1GW, L750-1H3, L750-1H4, L750-1H5, L750-1H6, L750-1H8, L750-1HD, L750-1HH, L750-1J1, L750-1KU, L750-1KZ, L750-1L5, L750-1L8, L750-1L9, L750-1LC, L750-1LD, L750-1LG, L750-1LJ, L750-1LK, L750-1LL, L750-1LM, L750-1LN, L750-1LR, L750-1LT, L750-1LU, L750-1LV, L750-1LX, L750-1LZ, L750-1M8, L750-1M9, L750-1MC, L750-1MD, L750-1ME, L750-1MF, L750-1MG, L750-1MH, L750-1MJ, L750-1MK, L750-1ML, L750-1MM, L750-1MN, L750-1MP, L750-1MQ, L750-1MR, L750-1MT, L750-1MV, L750-1MW, L750-1MX, L750-1MZ, L750-1N0, L750-1N3, L750-1N4, L750-1NF, L750-1NG, L750-1NH, L750-1NJ, L750-1NK, L750-1NM, L750-1NN, L750-1NU, L750-1NV, L750-1NW, L750-1NX, L750-1P2, L750-1P8, L750-1P9, L750-1PC, L750-1PE, L750-1PH, L750-1PK, L750-1PM, L750-1PN, L750-1PP, L750-1PT, L750-1PV, L750-1PW, L750-1PX, L750-1PZ, L750-1Q0, L750-1Q2, L750-1Q3, L750-1Q6, L750-1Q9, L750-1QH, L750-1RD, L750-1RH, L750-1RJ, L750-1T9, L750-1WW, L750-1WX, L750-1WZ, L750-1X0, L750-1X1, L750-1X2, L750-1XF, L750-1XG, L750-1XH, L750-1XJ, L750-1XK, L750-1XL, L750-1XT, L750-1XU, L750-1XV, L750-1XW, L750-201, L750-209, L750-20C, L750-20D, L750-20F, L750-20L, L750-20M, L750-20R, L750-20T, L750-20U, L750-20V, L750-20W, L750-21N, L750-21P, L750-21X, L750-21Z, L750-220, L750-221, L750-22C, L750-22J, L750-22X, L750-22Z

TOSHIBA SATELLITE L750D SERIES: L750D, L750D-103, L750D-10D, L750D-10J, L750D-10X, L750D-111, L750D-112, L750D-121, L750D-124, L750D-125, L750D-12H, L750D-12K, L750D-12W, L750D-13J, L750D-141, L750D-14E, L750D-14F, L750D-14G, L750D-14H, L750D-14J, L750D-14L, L750D-14M, L750D-14N, L750D-14Q, L750D-14R, L750D-14T, L750D-14U, L750D-156, L750D-157, L750D-158, L750D-159, L750D-15D, L750D-15E, L750D-15F, L750D-15G, L750D-15J, L750D-15M, L750D-15N, L750D-169, L750D-16E, L750D-16K, L750D-16N, L750D-17R, L750D-194, L750D-199, L750D-19C, L750D-1C1, L750D-1C2, L750D-1C6, L750D-1C7, L750D-1C9, L750D-1CC, L750D-1D2, L750D-1D3, L750D-1ED, L750D-1ER, L750D-1EX, L750D-1EZ, L750D-1F2, L750D-1F3, L750D-1F5, L750D-1FD, L750D-1FZ, L750D-1G5, L750D-1G9, L750D-1GC, L750D-1GU, L750D-1GW

TOSHIBA SATELLITE L755 SERIES: L755, L755-104, L755-109, L755-10C, L755-10D, L755-10J, L755-10K, L755-10Q, L755-10U, L755-111, L755-113, L755-118, L755-11H, L755-11J, L755-11K, L755-11L, L755-11M, L755-11P, L755-11Q, L755-11V, L755-11W, L755-121, L755-122, L755-123, L755-125, L755-126, L755-127, L755-128, L755-129, L755-12D, L755-12G, L755-12K, L755-12P, L755-12R, L755-12T, L755-13D, L755-13E, L755-13F, L755-13H, L755-13J, L755-13K, L755-13L, L755-13N, L755-13P, L755-13Q, L755-13R, L755-13T, L755-13W, L755-13X, L755-13Z, L755-140, L755-141, L755-142, L755-144, L755-149, L755-14D, L755-14E, L755-14F, L755-14G, L755-14H, L755-14L, L755-14N, L755-14P, L755-14V, L755-14W, L755-14Z, L755-154, L755-15Q, L755-15R, L755-15T, L755-15W, L755-15X, L755-160, L755-161, L755-162, L755-163, L755-164, L755-165, L755-167, L755-168, L755-169, L755-16C, L755-16H, L755-16J, L755-16K, L755-16L, L755-16M, L755-16P, L755-16Q, L755-16R, L755-16T, L755-16U, L755-16W, L755-16X, L755-16Z, L755-170, L755-171, L755-172, L755-175, L755-17C, L755-17E, L755-17Q, L755-17R, L755-17U, L755-17V, L755-180, L755-183, L755-18K, L755-18N, L755-18P, L755-18Q, L755-18T, L755-18X, L755-18Z, L755-192, L755-197, L755-198, L755-19C, L755-19D, L755-19E, L755-19F, L755-19G, L755-19H, L755-19J, L755-19K, L755-19X, L755-1C0, L755-1C6, L755-1C7, L755-1C8, L755-1C9, L755-1CD, L755-1CF, L755-1CG, L755-1D6, L755-1DR, L755-1DW, L755-1EM, L755-1EP, L755-1FH, L755-1FJ, L755-1FK, L755-1FL, L755-1GD, L755-1GE, L755-1GG, L755-1GH, L755-1GJ, L755-1HW, L755-1HX, L755-1HZ, L755-1J0, L755-1J2, L755-1J5, L755-1J8, L755-1J9, L755-1JG, L755-1JH, L755-1LD, L755-1LE, L755-1LF, L755-1LG, L755-1LH, L755-1LJ, L755-1LK, L755-1LL, L755-1LM, L755-1LN, L755-1LQ, L755-1LZ, L755-1M0, L755-1MC, L755-1MD, L755-1ME, L755-1MF, L755-1MG, L755-1MH, L755-1MJ, L755-1MU, L755-1N3, L755-1N5, L755-1N6, L755-1N7, L755-1N9, L755-1NC, L755-1NE, L755-1NF, L755-1NG, L755-1NJ, L755-1NK, L755-1NM, L755-1NP, L755-1NT, L755-1NV, L755-1NW, L755-1NX, L755-1P0, L755-1P1, L755-A1S, L755-A2W, L755-A3M,

TOSHIBA SATELLITE L755D SERIES: L755D, L755D-108, L755D-10C, L755D-10J, L755D-10M, L755D-10N, L755D-10U, L755D-10V, L755D-10W, L755D-110, L755D-115, L755D-116, L755D-117, L755D-11C, L755D-11J, L755D-11M, L755D-11W, L755D-11X, L755D-120, L755D-122, L755D-123, L755D-128, L755D-129, L755D-12H, L755D-12L, L755D-12Q, L755D-12U, L755D-13C, L755D-13D, L755D-13G, L755D-13J, L755D-13T, L755D-13V, L755D-146, L755D-148, L755D-14H, L755D-14L, L755D-14M, L755D-14N, L755D-14P, L755D-14U, L755D-14X, L755D-21F, L755D-21J, L755D-21L, L755D-21M, L755D-21Q, L755D-21T, L755D-A1K, L755D-A2M



TOSHIBA SATELLITE L775 SERIES: L775, L775- 109, L775- 10N, L775- 123, L775- 124, L775- 134, L775- 135, L775- 136, L775- 15N, L775- 15V, L775-109, L775-10G, L775-10H, L775-10J, L775-10N, L775-10P, L775-10R, L775-10X, L775-111, L775-117, L775-119, L775-11C, L775-11E, L775-11F, L775-11G, L775-11K, L775-11N, L775-11U, L775-123, L775-124, L775-125, L775-127, L775-12E, L775-12F, L775-12H, L775-12U, L775-12V, L775-130, L775-134, L775-135, L775-136, L775-139, L775-13D, L775-13G, L775-13K, L775-13T, L775-13V, L775-13W, L775-143, L775-148, L775-149, L775-14D, L775-14E, L775-14K, L775-14R, L775-151, L775-153, L775-154, L775-15M, L775-15N, L775-15P, L775-15Q, L775-15R, L775-15T, L775-15U, L775-15V, L775-15X, L775-166, L775-16Q, L775-16Z, L775-172, L775-17E, L775-17H, L775-17N, L775-17T, L775-180, L775-181, L775-18F, L775-18J, L775-18R, L775-18W, L775-19E, L775-A1W, L775-A2S

TOSHIBA SATELLITE L775D SERIES: L775D, L775D-100, L775D-101, L775D-106, L775D-107, L775D-10D, L775D-10E, L775D-10F, L775D-10G, L775D-10J, L775D-10L, L775D-10M, L775D-10Q, L775D-10R, L775D-10W, L775D-10Z, L775D-111, L775D-112


 TOSHIBA SATELLITE PRO C650 SERIES: C650, C650-10D, C650-116, C650-11Z, C650-121, C650-125, C650-12T, C650-139, C650-13D, C650-148, C650-14H, C650-150, C650-153, C650-17G, C650-18D, C650-18E, C650-18U, C650-196, C650-197, C650-198, C650-1D0, C650-1D8, C650-1G7, C650-1KL

TOSHIBA SATELLITE PRO C650D SERIES: C650D, C650D-10F, C650D-10W, C650D-10X, C650D-10Z, C650D-111, C650D-127



TOSHIBA SATELLITE PRO C660: C660, C660-102, C660-109, C660-10F, C660-10J, C660-10K, C660-10M, C660-10N, C660-10Q, C660-111, C660-113, C660-12F, C660-13C, C660-143, C660-14U, C660-150, C660-151, C660-167, C660-16E, C660-16F, C660-16J, C660-16M, C660-16N, C660-16R, C660-16T, C660-16V, C660-16W, C660-16X, C660-171, C660-1D8, C660-1D9, C660-1DD, C660-1HG, C660-1HH, C660-1HK, C660-1J3, C660-1JL, C660-1KR, C660-1LM, C660-1LP, C660-1LR, C660-1LT, C660-1LX, C660-1MV, C660-1MZ, C660-1NQ, C660-1NR, C660-1NZ, C660-1RZ, C660-1T0, C660-1T1, C660-1UX, C660-1UZ, C660-1V0, C660-1VV, C660-1WP, C660-219, C660-21C, C660-21D, C660-21E, C660-21F, C660-21T, C660-21U, C660-22L, C660-22P, C660-22T, C660-22X, C660-233, C660-234, C660-235, C660-239, C660-24K, C660-24L, C660-255, C660-299, C660-29J, C660-29U, C660-29V, C660-29W, C660-2C3, C660-2CH, C660-2CN, C660-2DH, C660-2DJ, C660-2DN, C660-2DR, C660-2DW, C660-2F5, C660-2F6, C660-2F7, C660-2F8, C660-2F9, C660-2HE, C660-2JD, C660-2JE, C660-2JK, C660-2JL, C660-2JN, C660-2JQ, C660-2JR, C660-2JT, C660-2JU, C660-2JV, C660-2KJ, C660-2KK, C660-2KL, C660-2KM, C660-2KV, C660-2N2, C660-2RF, C660-2T9, C660-2TD, C660-2TQ, C660-2U8, C660-2UH, C660-2VG

TOSHIBA SATELLITE PRO C660D: C660D, C660D-106, C660D-10C, C660D-12M, C660D-185, C660D-187, C660D-1CD, C660D-1CE, C660D-1D9, C660D-1FM


TOSHIBA SATELLITE PRO L650 SERIES: L650, L650-10J, L650-10T, L650-11M, L650-11U, L650-151, L650-155, L650-156, L650-15C, L650-15F, L650-15J, L650-15L, L650-15N, L650-15P, L650-165, L650-166, L650-167, L650-168, L650-169, L650-16U, L650-175, L650-176, L650-178, L650-17C, L650-17P, L650-183, L650-189, L650-18E, L650-193, L650-194, L650-197, L650-198, L650-19F, L650-19R, L650-19V, L650-19X, L650-19Z, L650-1C0, L650-1CG, L650-1CH, L650-1CJ, L650-1CR, L650-1EK, L650-1F8, L650-1G4, L650-1GU, L650-1KD, L650-1KG, L650-1KK, L650-1KW, L650-1L4, L650-1L6, L650-1L7, L650-1LP, L650-1LU, L650-1M4, L650-1M7, L650-1MP, L650-1NR, L650-1PK, L650-1PZ, L650-1QG, L650-1QH


TOSHIBA SATELLITE PRO L670 SERIES: L670, L670-103, L670-10W, L670-11D, L670-13L, L670-13Z, L670-14L, L670-14M, L670-14P, L670-15T, L670-16Z, L670-170, L670-171, L670-172, L670-189, L670-18D, L670-18E, L670-18F, L670-18T, L670-195, L670-1CT, L670-1CZ, L670-1D7, L670-1DJ, L670-1DK, L670-1E6, L670-1EC, L670-1EP, L670-1FW, L670-1FX, L670-1GG, L670-1HU, L670-1J7, L670-1L0, L670-1L1, L670-1L5, L670-1L9, L670-1LC, L670-1M2, L670-1M3


TOSHIBA SATELLITE PRO L770 SERIES: L770, L770-105, L770-109, L770-10R, L770-10T, L770-10W, L770-10X, L770-112, L770-116, L770-11F, L770-11J, L770-126, L770-127, L770-12F, L770-12N, L770-12P, L770-12R, L770-12T, L770-12W, L770-12X, L770-135, L770-136, L770-13D, L770-13M, L770-144, L770-149, L770-14C, L770-14H, L770-14N, L770-153, L770-15T


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