Reference: 156.40PL.1366X768

Brand: OEM

ECRÃ LCD - 15.6" (1366x768) B156XTN02.0, B156XTN02.1, B156XTN02.2, BT156GW01 V.2, BT156GW01 V.4, LP156WH2, LP156WH4, LTN156AT02

Condition: New Size: 15.6” Resolution: HD (1366 X 768) Video Connector: 40 Pins Lighting/backlight technology: Led Connector position: Lower left Screen finish: Glossy Connector size: 2,5 cm

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Reference: 156.30PLS.1920X1080.350.SB

Brand: OEM

ECRÃ LCD 15.6" LED SLIM 350MM - B156HAN02.0, NV156FHM-N35, NV156FHM-N3D, N156BGA-EA3, N156HCE-EG1, N156HCE-EN1, LP156WF9


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TECLADO TOSHIBA SATELLITE A200, A205, A210, A215, A300, A300D, A350, A350D, A355, A355D, L300, L300D, L450, L450D, A305





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TOSHIBA SATELLITE A200 SERIES: A200, A200-0RY013, A200-0SX01C, A200-10N, A200-10W, A200-10X, A200-10Z, A200-110, A200-11C, A200-12F, A200-12Q, A200-12S, A200-12X, A200-13E, A200-13L, A200-13M, A200-13O, A200-13R, A200-13T, A200-13U, A200-13V, A200-14D, A200-14E, A200-14S, A200-14X, A200-15I, A200-16B, A200-17O, A200-17X, A200-180, A200-182, A200-18M, A200-18T, A200-18W, A200-191, A200-193, A200-195, A200-19C, A200-19I, A200-19K, A200-19M, A200-1A9, A200-1AA, A200-1AB, A200-1AE, A200-1AG, A200-1Ai, A200-1AQ, A200-1AS, A200-1BP, A200-1BW, A200-1C0, A200-1CC, A200-1CG, A200-1CR, A200-1DA, A200-1DN, A200-1DQ, A200-1DR, A200-1DS, A200-1DT, A200-1DY, A200-1E1, A200-1ER, A200-1FJ, A200-1FL, A200-1G6, A200-1G9, A200-1GB, A200-1GD, A200-1GF, A200-1HE, A200-1HU, A200-1IW, A200-1IZ, A200-1J0, A200-1J3, A200-1J6, A200-1JW, A200-1K4, A200-1KZ, A200-1LA, A200-1M7, A200-1MN, A200-1MY, A200-1N1, A200-1N2, A200-1N3, A200-1N5, A200-1N7, A200-1N8, A200-1N9, A200-1NH, A200-1O5, A200-1O6, A200-1O7, A200-1QU, A200-1QZ, A200-1RK, A200-1S5, A200-1S6, A200-1S9, A200-1SC, A200-1SI, A200-1SJ, A200-1SM, A200-1SN, A200-1SP, A200-1SQ, A200-1SV, A200-1SW, A200-1TB, A200-1TJ, A200-1TO, A200-1TP, A200-1TS, A200-1U9, A200-1UA, A200-1UB, A200-1UM, A200-1VG, A200-1VL, A200-1VM, A200-1VN, A200-1VP, A200-1VQ, A200-1WR, A200-1YO, A200-1YU, A200-1YW, A200-1YX, A200-1Z2, A200-1Z3, A200-1Z8, A200-1Z9, A200-1ZB, A200-1ZF, A200-201, A200-202, A200-204, A200-205, A200-206, A200-207, A200-208, A200-209, A200-20A, A200-20C, A200-20F, A200-20G, A200-20Y, A200-22C, A200-22I, A200-23C, A200-23J, A200-23K, A200-23M, A200-23N, A200-23O, A200-23P, A200-23Q, A200-23R, A200-23S, A200-23U, A200-23V, A200-23W, A200-23X, A200-23Y, A200-23Z, A200-244, A200-24A, A200-24B, A200-27R, A200-27U, A200-27Z, A200-28P, A200-298, A200-2BD, A200-2BE, A200-2BF, A200-2BG, A200-2BO, A200-EZ2204X, A200HD-1U3, A200HD-1U4, A200SE-1H4, A200-ST2041, A200-ST2042, A200-ST2043

TOSHIBA SATELLITE A205 SERIES: A205, A205-S4537, A205-S4557, A205-S4567, A205-S4587, A205-S4597, A205-S4607, A205-S4617, A205-S4618, A205-S4639, A205-S4707, A205-S4777, A205-S4787, A205-S5801, A205-S5803, A205-S5804, A205-S5805, A205-S5811, A205-S5812, A205-S5813, A205-S5814, A205-S5821, A205-S5823, A205-S6808, A205-S6810, A205-S7443, A205-S7456, A205-S7458, A205-S7459

TOSHIBA SATELLITE A210 SERIES: A210, A210-10C, A210-11B, A210-11C, A210-11I, A210-11K, A210-11P, A210-127, A210-128, A210-129, A210-12U, A210-133, A210-135, A210-157, A210-158, A210-15J, A210-15K, A210-162, A210-165, A210-169, A210-16F, A210-16G, A210-183, A210-188, A210-198, A210-199, A210-19A, A210-19B, A210-19D, A210-19I, A210-19J, A210-19K, A210-19T, A210-19U, A210-1AO, A210-1AP, A210-1C0, A210-1CE

TOSHIBA SATELLITE A215 SERIES: A215, A215-S4697, A215-S4717, A215-S4737, A215-S4747, A215-S4757, A215-S4767, A215-S4807, A215-S6804, A215-S6814, A215-S7408, A215-S7414, A215-S7422, A215-S7427, A215-S7428, A215-S7433, A215-S7444, A215-S7447, A215-S7472

TOSHIBA SATELLITE A300 SERIES: A300, A300D, A300-129, A300-144, A300-145, A300-146, A300-148, A300-149, A300-14S, A300-14T, A300-14V, A300-15A, A300-15B, A300-15C, A300-15D, A300-15E, A300-15G, A300-15I, A300-15J, A300-15K, A300-15L, A300-15M, A300-15O, A300-15P, A300-177, A300-17N, A300-17S, A300-19A, A300-1AL, A300-1AM, A300-1BG, A300-1BH, A300-1BI, A300-1BZ, A300-1EB, A300-1EC, A300-1ED, A300-1EG, A300-1EH, A300-1EI, A300-1G2, A300-1G3, A300-1G4, A300-1G5, A300-1GL, A300-1GM, A300-1GN, A300-1HV, A300-1II, A300-1J1, A300-1JH, A300-1JJ, A300-1JZ, A300-1K8, A300-1LT, A300-1MC, A300-1MM, A300-1MN, A300-1MO, A300-1MP, A300-1MQ, A300-1MR, A300-1MS, A300-1MT, A300-1MW, A300-1N8, A300-1N9, A300-1NA, A300-1NB, A300-1NC, A300-1ND, A300-1NO, A300-1OC, A300-1OE, A300-1OM, A300-1P1, A300-1P2, A300-1P3, A300-1P4, A300-1P9, A300-1PA, A300-1PB, A300-1PC, A300-1PH, A300-1PI, A300-1PJ, A300-1PL, A300-1PP, A300-1QE, A300-1QF, A300-1QG, A300-1RY, A300-1T2, A300-1TM, A300-203, A300-20A, A300-20B, A300-20C, A300-20E, A300-20F, A300-20G, A300-20J, A300-20N, A300-20O, A300-20P, A300-20R, A300-20T, A300-20U, A300-20V, A300-20W, A300-210, A300-211, A300-21C, A300-21H, A300-21I, A300-227, A300-228, A300-22V, A300-22W, A300-22X, A300-22Z, A300-230, A300-231, A300-233, A300-234, A300-235, A300-236, A300-237, A300-238, A300-23E, A300-23G, A300-23H, A300-23J, A300-23R, A300-23T, A300-243, A300-245, A300-247, A300-248, A300-24X, A300-24Z, A300-27H, A300-27Q, A300-27W, A300-29H, A300-29J, A300-29K, A300-29N, A300-29P, A300-2CR, A300-2D4

TOSHIBA SATELLITE A300D SERIES: A300D, A300D-11Q, A300D-11S, A300D-11T, A300D-11V, A300D-11W, A300D-125, A300D-126, A300D-127, A300D-13R, A300D-14P, A300D-156, A300D-158, A300D-15B, A300D-15H, A300D-16N, A300D-16W, A300D-17C, A300D-17D, A300D-17E, A300D-17F, A300D-17G, A300D-17V, A300D-18I, A300D-204, A300D-205, A300D-207, A300D-208, A300D-209, A300D-20E, A300D-20Q, A300D-20V, A300D-213, A300D-214, A300D-21D, A300D-226

TOSHIBA SATELLITE A350 SERIES: A350, A350-10B, A350-10C, A350-10Z, A350-110, A350-11G, A350-11H, A350-11I, A350-11J, A350-11N, A350-12J, A350-134, A350-13A, A350-13C, A350-20N, A350-20Q, A350-20S, A350-20X, A350-214, A350-216, A350-217, A350-21T, A350-22H, A350-22J, A350-22Z, A350-231,

TOSHIBA SATELLITE A350D SERIES: A350D, A350D-108, A350D-109, A350D-10G, A350D-10I, A350D-10Y, A350D-113, A350D-114, A350D-202, A350D-203, A350D-20F, A350D-20G, A350D-20M, A350D-20N




TOSHIBA SATELLITE L300 SERIES: L300, L300-10Q, L300-110, L300-11C, L300-11E, L300-11F, L300-11G, L300-11H, L300-11I, L300-11L, L300-11M, L300-11Q, L300-128, L300-129, L300-12F, L300-12H, L300-12I, L300-12X, L300-135, L300-13R, L300-144, L300-146, L300-147, L300-148, L300-149, L300-14G, L300-14P, L300-14X, L300-154, L300-155, L300-156, L300-15V, L300-15W, L300-16L, L300-17L, L300-17M, L300-17N, L300-17O, L300-17Q, L300-18D, L300-18E, L300-19J, L300-19Q, L300-19S, L300-19Y, L300-1A2, L300-1A3, L300-1A4, L300-1A5, L300-1A6, L300-1A7, L300-1A8, L300-1AD, L300-1AI, L300-1AK, L300-1AL, L300-1AM, L300-1AN, L300-1AO, L300-1AP, L300-1AQ, L300-1AS, L300-1BB, L300-1BC, L300-1BV, L300-1BW, L300-1C6, L300-1C7, L300-1C8, L300-1CU, L300-1CW, L300-1DI, L300-1DN, L300-1DU, L300-1EF, L300-1EI, L300-1EJ, L300-1EP, L300-1EQ, L300-1F4, L300-1F5, L300-1F6, L300-1F7, L300-1F8, L300-1F9, L300-1FA, L300-1FB, L300-1FP, L300-1FQ, L300-1FR, L300-1FS, L300-1G4, L300-1G5, L300-1G6, L300-1G8, L300-1G9, L300-20D, L300-20M, L300-20N, L300-20W, L300-215, L300-217, L300-21L, L300-21N, L300-21R, L300-21W, L300-21X, L300-21Z, L300-220, L300-221, L300-222, L300-223, L300-227, L300-229, L300-22L, L300-22X, L300-23C, L300-23D, L300-23G, L300-254, L300-255, L300-256, L300-257, L300-25G, L300-25H, L300-26M, L300-277, L300-28J, L300-29T, L300-29V, L300-29W, L300-29X, L300-2C3, L300-2C4, L300-2C5, L300-2C6, L300-2C7, L300-2C8, L300-2C9, L300-2CC, L300-2CD, L300-2CE, L300-2CF, L300-2CP, L300-2CR, L300-2CU, L300-2CW, L300-2D9, L300-2DR

TOSHIBA SATELLITE L300D SERIES: L300D, L300D-10B, L300D-10Q, L300D-10U, L300D-11F, L300D-11M, L300D-11V, L300D-12I, L300D-12L, L300D-12Y, L300D-12Z, L300D-136, L300D-138, L300D-13S, L300D-14N, L300D-14S, L300D-14W, L300D-202, L300D-20M, L300D-20R, L300D-20Z, L300D-21U, L300D-21X, L300D-222, L300D-224, L300D-225, L300D-22E, L300D-22Z, L300D-242, L300D-243, L300D-245, L300D-24Q

TOSHIBA SATELLITE L450 SERIES: L450, L450-11M, L450-11Q, L450-12G, L450-12H, L450-136, L450-137, L450-16K, L450-16L, L450-16Q, L450-178, L450-17C, L450-17E, L450-17G, L450-181, L450-188, L450-18D

TOSHIBA SATELLITE L450D SERIES: L450D, L450D-113, L450D-114, L450D-119, L450D-11E, L450D-11G, L450D-11H, L450D-11V, L450D-11W, L450D-11X, L450D-128, L450D-136, L450D-13G, L450D-13J, L450D-13P, L450D-13X, L450D-13Z


TOSHIBA SATELLITE SERIES: A305, A305D, L200, L201, L202, L203, L205, L305, L305D, L310, L455, L455D, L525, M200, M200-ST2001, M200-ST2002, M205, M205-S3207, M205-S3217, M205-S7452, M205-S7453, M207, M209, M211, M212, M215, M216, M300, M305, M500, M505, M505D, M506, M507

TOSHIBA QOSMIO SERIES: F40, F45, F50, F50-108, F50-10B, F50-10G, F50-10K, F50-10Z, F50-11I, F50-11J, F50-11K, F50-11M, F50-11N, F50-11O, F50-11P, F50-11Q, F50-11R, F50-11S, F50-11Y, F50-124, F50-125, F50-126, F50-12A, F50-12B, F50-12H, F50-12J, F50-12L, F50-12M, F50-12W, F55, G40, G40-108, G40-10E, G40-10S, G40-11D, G40-11P, G40-129, G40-12A, G40-12C, G40-12F, G40-12S, G40-12T, G45

TOSHIBA EQUIUM SERIES: A200, A200-15I, A200-196, A200-1AC, A200-1V0, A200-26D, A210, A210-17I, A210-1AS, A300D, A300D-13X, A300D-16C, L300, L300-146, L300-17Q

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